2017 WCNR DADRA Teams Announced


The following West Coast Netball Region  DADRA teams have been announced after the HUB day on Sunday 20th August.


Congratulations to all the athletes



Academy Team 1 Academy  Team 2
Kayci Poihipi-Matatahi  Ruby  Baumgartner
Chelsea  Cook  Tenae  Berryman
Amy  Donaldson  Sarah  Bevan
Mikayla  Douglas  Zoe  Coates
Liz  Dronfield  Jordan  Franklin
Sophie  Freeman  Keisha  Keen
Chloe  Harrison  Kira  Milankov
Marli  Hughes  Caitlin  Moore
Maddie  Hunter  Georga  Raath
Grace  Moran  Olivia  Sheehy
Charley  Rafferty  Gemma  Walton
Kate  Wells  Ashleigh  Weyer



Cadets  16U
Madison  Burton 
Kareema  Kheder 
Niamh  Maher 
Hannah  Young 

2017 Development Programs – Coaches, Managers Selectors Application



2017 Development Programs

Junior Warriors and DADRA (Academy/Cadets)


The West Coast Netball Region is seeking expressions of interest to assist with our Development programs for 2017.



2017 coach -manager-selector app form


If you are interested please download the attachment, complete and  return to Tricia Anderson at West Coast Netball Region office email


or Post to

West Coast Netball Region

PO Box 1561

WANGARA  WA   6947


Applications will be closed on Thursday 25th May 2017.



2015 Netball WA Athlete and Coach Pathways


Athlete Pathway 2015


NWA Coach Pathway 2015






2015 DADRA –  Regional Academy Cup

The weekend of the 3rd and 4th of October saw our 2 WCNR Regional Academy teams participate in the NWA Develop a Diamond Regional Academy Cup. This was held at the new State Netball Centre in Wembley. Here we played against the other regions in WA.



Team 1 with Leanne Bruce as coach and Kylie Pougnault as assistant coach saw their team finish day 1 undefeated, finishing the day with a 1 goal thrilling win over the Aboriginal Allstars team. Day 2 on Sunday saw us undefeated again going into the grand final. Here we then lined up in the grand final against Coastals from the other pool division. The team played a hard fought out game and unfortunately didn’t come away with a win. Well done girls for making the grand final.



Team 2 also finished undefeated at the end of day 1. Team 2 coached by Kat Laing, assistant coach Karolyn Holmes and apprentice coach Adrienne Lang. Once again like team 1 we headed in to the grand final undefeated by the end of day 2. Here we then faced Coastals in the grand final, after coming back from 8 down at half time and coming home with the win to take out the grand final of division 2.



Well done to both teams and coaching staff, I could not be prouder of the results and each and everyone of yours on court and off court work. You all represented our region incredibly well.




Lauren Bridges

Regional Development Officer







2016 West Coast Warriors Trial dates


Trial dates for West Coast Warriors have been set.   Please keep these dates free


1st Trial – Sunday 24th January, 2016


2nd Trial – Sunday 31st January, 2016


3rd Trial – Friday 5th February, 2016.


Venue and times to be confirmed


Trial forms, and more information will be available on the 13th October 2015, and will be posted on our website




2015 West Coast Netball Region Academy Teams



Congratulations to the following athletes that have been selected into the West Coast Netball Region Academy




Team 1 Team 2
Head coach Leanne Bruce Coach Kat Laing
Assistant coach Kylie Pougnault Assistant coach Karolyn Holmes
Apprentice coach Sian Geldenhuys Apprentice coach Adrienne Lang
Manager Sam Morgan Manager Mel Hunter
Jess Archard Tatum Adams
Kellie Baker Amy Donaldson
Georgia Burden India Evans
Olivia Fowler Bianca Grickage
Meg Gibson Drew Hancy
Lauren Holder Maddie Hunter
Georgia Morgan Aimee Littlejohn
Lily Pepper Olivia Richardson
Baeleigh Robinson – Vice Captain Rachel Simmonds –   Vice Captain
Ellie Sanzone – Captain Kalana Tangimetua
Hana Stokes Britt Taylor
Juraea Turner –   Captain
Mariah Hedland
Chloe Hodkinson
Eli Johnstone
Sanneyrah Sauni –   injured
Lili Taylor
Izayah Tewano





Academy/Cadet Squads


Congratulations to the following athletes that have been selected into the West Coast Netball Region Academy and Cadet Squads.   Letters and invoices have been emailed out to all athletes.  If you have not received an email please contact Tricia Anderson at


Academy Squad




1 Tatum Adams 34 Lakita Kean
2 Jessica Archard 38 Aimee Littlejohn
4 Kellie Baker 41 Georgia Morgan
10 Georgia Burden 43 Lily Pepper
14 Amy Donaldson 48 Olivia Richardson
16 India Evans 49 Baeleigh Robinson
17 Olivia Fowler 50 Ellie Sanzone
19 Meg Gibson 51 Sanneyrah Sauni
20 Bianca Grickage 52 Rachel Simmonds
21 Drew Hancy 60 Hana Stokes
22 Mariah Hedland 62 Kalana Tangimetua
23 Chloe Hodkinson 64 Lili Taylor
25 Lauren Holder 65 Brittney Taylor
29 Maddie Hunter 66 Izayah Te Wano
30 Eli Johnstone 89 Juraea Turner


Cadet Squad





5 Olvia Bell 56 Leandri Snellenburg
7 Georgia Brennan 57 Anja Snellenburg
9 Tia Brown 59 Felicity Starcevich
12 Georgia Crowhurst 61 Nika Strydom
13 Christina Cvetkovski 63 Michelle Tanner
18 Sophie Gatfield 68 Riann Tranquille
26 Tess Hopes 70 Ella Tudor-Roberts
28 Oliva Hucker 74 Caisey Voak
31 Caitlyn Jones 75 Ellie Walters
36 Albina Komadaric 76 Gemma Walton
37 Ava Lennox 78 Ashleigh Watene
42 Madison O’Boyle 79 Jessica White
45 Olivia Pike 83 Britany Wood
46 Sydney Rafferty 85 Ella Yates
54 Toni-Marie Smith 87 Madeleine Rocke






 Academy Trials

Congratulations to the below athletes who have been successful in making it through to the final trial for Regional Academy. The final trial is on Sunday 21st June and is now going to be at the State Netball Centre (Wembley Sports Park 200 Selby Street, Jolimont WA 6014). It is compulsory that all below athletes attend this trial. Times being from 3.00pm – 7.00pm. Leg numbers must be written on legs before arrival to trials.


It is also compulsory for one parent to attend a meeting  at 5pm with Netball WA whilst the trials are taking place


1 Tatum Adams 43 Lily Pepper
2 Jessica Archard 45 Olivia Pike
4 Kellie Baker 46 Sydney Rafferty
5 Olvia Bell 48 Olivia Richardson
6 Sarah Bevan 49 Baeleigh Robinson
7 Georgia Brennan 50 Ellie Sanzone
9 Tia Brown 51 Sanneyrah Sauni
10 Georgia Burden 52 Rachel Simmonds
12 Georgia Crowhurst 54 Toni-Marie Smith
13 Christina Cvetkovski 56 Leandri Snellenburg
14 Amy Donaldson 57 Anja Snellenburg
16 India Evans 59 Felicity Starcevich
17 Olivia Fowler 60 Hana Stokes
18 Sophie Gatfield 61 Nika Strydom
19 Meg Gibson 62 Kalana Tangimetua
20 Bianca Grickage 63 Michelle Tanner
21 Drew Hancy 64 Lili Taylor
22 Mariah Hedland 65 Brittney Taylor
23 Chloe Hodkinson 66 Izayah Te Wano
25 Lauren Holder 68 Riann Tranquille
26 Tess Hopes 70 Ella Tudor-Roberts
28 Oliva Hucker 72 Sophie Vawser
29 Maddie Hunter 74 Caisey Voak
30 Eli Johnstone 75 Ellie Walters
31 Caitlyn Jones 76 Gemma Walton
34 Lakita Kean 78 Ashleigh Watene
36 Albina Komadaric 79 Jessica White
37 Ava Lennox 83 Britany Wood
38 Aimee Littlejohn 85 Ella Yates
41 Georgia Morgan 87 Madeleine Rocke
42 Madison O’Boyle 89 Juraea Turner


2015   Junior Warriors Programme


Congratulations to the below athletes that have made it through to the Under 12 and 13s Junior Warriors Squad.   We like to thank everyone that came down to trial.


Individual emails have been sent to the successful athletes, if you have not received your email please contact the office



Under 13s Squad



103 Ruby Baumgartner 137 Kareema Kheder
105 Tasha Bennett 141 Kaiwyn McCartney
106 Tennae Berryman 142 Ali Moir
110 Madison Burton 143 Caitlin Moore
114 Zoe Coates 144 Alex Morgan
118 Elizabeth Dronfield 145 Iesha Parry
119 Ritihia Dunn 146 Elicia Petreski
123 Natasha Forgan 147 Georga Raath
124 Jordan Franklin 148 Charley Rafferty
131 Chloe Harrison 149 Candice Ratana
132 Emily Hathaway 151 Emysen Robinson
133 Sienna Hollis 154 Sarah Sharman
134 Marli Hughes 157 Kimberley Sulidis
135 Teatai Huriwai 165 Kate Wells
136 Tenille Kelly 166 Violana Winchester


Under 12s Squad


211 Aisha Bridewell 245 Jordyn Lilford
212 Rhythm Brinkworth 246 Scarlett Livingstone
218 Chelsea Cook 247 Ali-Rose Maricic
221 Olivia Cvetkovski 248 Sophie Marinovich
225 Chloe Deeg 250 Kira Milankov
226 Mikayla Douglas 252 Jasmine Mimnagh
231 Victoria Fourie 263 Tia Saville
232 Sophie Freeman 266 Elly Stainsby
233 Maddie George 271 Fallon van Wyk
234 Jessica Greenhalgh 273 Eve Wasley
238 Macy Horne 274 Hannah Waters
239 Rosie Hutchinson 276 Charmondelae Whaanga
241 Shenae Kidd 277 Alyssa Wheeler
242 Jessie Kirk 278 Amelia White
243 Dakota Klemke 279 Kiana Wichman



Please note that the Academy Trials on Sunday 14th June will only be conducted for two hours  3-5pm at Kingsway.



Trials –   Academy, Junior Warriors Under 13 and 12s

Commencing 7th June     3 to 6pm   WDNA – Kingsway outdoor courts

Your daughters will need to have a number of her leg.    Numbers are to be written down the leg clearly around 10cm long.

 2015 Academy


1 Tatum Adams 29 Maddie Hunter 57 Anja Snellenburg
2 Jessica Archard 30 Eli Johnstone 58 Alicia Spatara
3 Lily Audas 31 Caitlyn Jones 59 Felicity Starcevich
4 Kellie Baker 32 Sarah Jordan 60 Hana Stokes
5 Olvia Bell 33 Whane Kapp 61 Nika Strydom
6 Sarah Bevan 34 Lakita Kean 62 Kalana Tangimetua
7 Georgia Brennan 35 Kaylahni Klemke 63 Michelle Tanner
8 Olivia Broom 36 Albina Komadaric 64 Lili Taylor
9 Tia Brown 37 Ava Lennox 65 Brittney Taylor
10 Georiga Burden 38 Aimee Littlejohn 66 Izayah Te Wano
11 Jade Campbell 39 Aisha Mayhew 67 Chanelle Tilbury
12 Georgia Crowhurst 40 Tahlia Menaglio 68 Riann Tranquille
13 Christina Cvetkovski 41 Georgia Morgan 69 Molly Travers
14 Amy Donaldson 42 Madison O’Boyle 70 Ella Tudor-Roberts
15 Olivia Duncan 43 Lily Pepper 71 Jacinta Valentini
16 India Evans 44 Kate Phipps 72 Sophie Vawser
17 Olivia Fowler 45 Olivia Pike 73 Faith Versaci
18 Sophie Gatfield 46 Sydney Rafferty 74 Caisey Voak
19 Meg Gibson 47 Jena Ralston 75 Ellie Walters
20 Bianca Grickage 48 Olivia Richardson 76 Gemma Walton
21 Drew Hancy 49 Baeleigh Robinson 77 Lily Wasley
22 Mariah Hedland 50 Ellie Sanzone 78 Ashleigh Watene
23 Chloe Hodkinson 51 Sanneyrah Sauni 79 Jessica White
24 Taylor Holder 52 Rachel Simmonds 80 Amy Wilkinson
25 Lauren Holder 53 Mia Smit 81 Ellie Williams
26 Tess Hopes 54 Toni-Marie Smith 82 Emma Wishart
27 Kristy Horner 55 Delaney Smith 83 Britany Wood
28 Oliva Hucker 56 Leandri Snellenburg 84 Jessica Woodman
85 Ella Yates
86 Kayla Ziegler


Junior Warriors  – Under 13s



101 Monisha Arora 124 Jordan Franklin 147 Georga Raath
102 Caitlin Baker 125 Isobelle Galt 148 Charley Rafferty
103 Ruby Baumgartner 126 Darby Gartlan 149 Candice Ratana
104 Emily Bennett 127 Ella Gathercole 150 Morven Richards
105 Tasha Bennett 128 Kayla Gorham 151 Emysen Robinson
106 Tennae Berryman 129 Gabriella Grey 152 Georgia Rooca
107 Michelle Bester 130 Tepania Halpine 153 Zoe Sawaszky
108 Emily Bolton 131 Chloe Harrison 154 Sarah Sharman
109 Jade Boyce 132 Emily Hathaway 155 Mackenzie Sheldon
110 Madison Burton 133 Sienna Hollis 156 Emma Stables
111 Hayley Butler 134 Marli Hughes 157 Kimberley Sulidis
112 Alyssa Campbell 135 Teatai Huriwai 158 Kaitlin Tkachenko
113 Isabelle Clarke 136 Tenille Kelly 159 Zoe Trandos
114 Zoe Coates 137 Kareema Kheder 160 Julia Vrlic
115 Zoe Cooke 138 Alaina Lawson 161 Shadae Walley
116 Laura Cramond 139 Abbi Lyons 162 Laura Wallis
117 Georgia Dimitrovich 140 Tahlia Marshall 163 Shari Walters
118 Elizabeth Dronfield 141 Kaiwyn McCartney 164 Ebony Walton
119 Ritihia Dunn 142 Ali Moir 165 Kate Wells
120 Indiana Edman 143 Caitlin Moore 166 Violana Winchester
121 Brianna Fisher 144 Alex Morgan 167 Taliah Winiata
122 Mikayla Fitzgerald 145 Iesha Parry
123 Natasha Forgan 146 Elicia Petreski


Junior Warriors –  Under 12s



201 Emily Alexander 227 Emily Dwyer 253 Hannah Moore
202 Jasmine Ansell 228 Kahliiyah Eades 254 Emma Newton
203 Ashleigh Arnold 229 Maddison Fenton 255 Hannah O’Donnell
204 Madeleine Ash 230 Janke Fouche 256 Ehlana Olibieri
205 Courtney Atkins 231 Victoria Fourie 257 Semille Oliveri
206 Lily Bartlett 232 Sophie Freeman 258 Madison Oseterheld
207 Gabriella Bartlett 233 Maddie George 259 Nakeiyah Pitt
208 Ella Birch 234 Jessica Greenhalgh 260 Molly-Rose Prince
209 Alicia Borromei 235 Abby Hardie 261 Klara Roos
210 Summer Bradley 236 Talissa Hollis 262 Jade Sadler
211 Aisha Bridewell 237 Madeleine Hopkins 263 Tia Saville
212 Rhythm Brinkworth 238 Macy Horne 264 Aleesha Schwarzbach
213 Jessica Buckingham 239 Rosie Hutchinson 265 Madison Snelling
214 Zoe Bushell 240 Holly Johnson 266 Elly Stainsby
215 Kamryn Carr 241 Shenae Kidd 267 Farraday Tween
216 Kelsey Clark 242 Jessie Kirk 268 Ella van der Merwe
217 Nicole Clements 243 Dakota Klemke 269 Jemma Van Maanen
218 Chelsea Cook 244 Paris Lemus-Cardona 270 Ashleigh Van Vuuren
219 Sinead Coulter 245 Jordyn Lilford 271 Fallon van Wyk
220 Shayann Cutten 246 Scarlett Livingstone 272 Kara Warner
221 Olivia Cvetkovski 247 Ali-Rose Maricic 273 Eve Wasley
222 Isabella Dalton 248 Sophie Marinovich 274 Hannah Waters
223 Molly-Rose Daynes 249 Delta Meade 275 Tahnee Welsh
224 T-Keia Dearden 250 Kira Milankov 276 Charmondelae Whaanga
225 Chloe Deeg 251 Megan Mills 277 Alyssa Wheeler
226 Mikayla Douglas 252 Jasmine Mimnagh 278 Amelia White
279 Kiana Wichman
280 Mia Wilkinson


2015 Development Programs – Coaches, Managers Selectors Application


2015 Development Programs

Junior Warriors and Regional Academy/Cadets


The West Coast Netball Region is seeking expressions of interest to assist with our Development programs for 2015.



If you are interested please download the attachment, complete and  return to the West Coast Netball Region office (email/fax details above), applications will be closed on Thursday 28th May 2015.



2015 coach – selector app form



2015 Junior Warrior Programme




The West Coast Netball Region is pleased to offer talented young athletes from both Wanneroo Districts and Joondalup Netball Associations the opportunity to participate in a skills-based development program.


Eligibility: To participate athletes must be Netball WA members and be registered to play at either Wanneroo Districts or Joondalup Netball Associations in 2015 and be aged 12 or 13 by 31 December 2015.


Please download the Trial form and forward it completed with payment to the office.  Closing date is 28th May, 2015


2015 Junior Warrior Trial Form (2)


2015 WCNR Regional Academy Trial Forms




The 2015 Netball WA Regional Academy Program is conducted in conjunction with the 11 WA Regions from July culminating in the Academy Cup weekend on the 4th-5th October 2015 at the State Netball Centre in Subiaco.     Eligibility: 14 to 16 years of age by 31st December, 2015.


Please download the Trial form and forward it completed with payment to the office.  Closing date is 28th May, 2015

2015 Academy Trial Form


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 9409 9705 on Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 – 2:45pm or email








Regional Cadets comp at Southern Districts 17th August

Our Junior Warriors, Cadets and Academy teams all competed in a one day comp at Southern Districts on Sunday 17th August and the results are:


Academy Div 1

West Coast placed 3rd


Academy Div 2

West Coast Placed 2nd


Academy Div 3

West Coast placed 4th


17s Combined Div


West Coast won Grand Final against Darling Ranges 22 to 16


Under 13s Div 1


West Coast won Grand Final against South West  13 to 5


Under 13s Div 2


West Coast lost Grand Final to SE Demons 23 to 11


Under 13s Div 3


West Coast Placed 3rd


Under 12s Div 1


West Coast placed 5th


Under 12s Div 2


West Coast Placed 2nd


Well done to all the athletes that participated on the day




Development Coaching Accreditation Courses


The Development Coaching Course is a one-day course progressing from the Foundation Coaching Course. It is designed for coaches who are coaching at Club/Association/Region & State League level.



NWA Member – $128 (GST Inclusive)
Non-Member – $ 173 (Inclusive of Affiliation fee and GST) Course




25th May 2014 – Kingsway Indoor Stadium


22nd June 2014 – Ray Owen Sports Stadium


29th June – Fremantle NA


5th July 2014 – MLC


Applications attached:


25 May 2014 DCC Kingsway Indoor Stadium


22 June 2014 DCC Ray Owen Sports Stadium


29 June 2014 DCC Fremantle NA


5 July 2014 DCC MLC







In 2014, The West Coast Netball Region will be running the Junior Warriors Development Programme (previously Falconettes), as well as the Academy/Cadets programme.


The Junior Warriors Development programme is available to athletes turning 12 or 13 as of the 31st December 2014.  In 2014 this will be run later in the year than Falconettes has been run in the past.  At this stage trials will be in June and will run at the same time as the Academy/Cadets programme. Dates have now been confirmed and application form is  attached below:




Please note:


Thefirst Trial time for the Junior Warriors Under 13 and 12s on Sunday 8th June has been moved to 4-7pm to allow  athletes trialling for State School Girls 12 & Under on the 8th June  to attend.   Please notify WNCR office you will be attending the State Trials when registering.



The second trial time for Junior Warriors Under 13 and 12s will remain the same time 3-6pm



2014 Junior Warrior Trial Form (2)




The Academy/Cadet programme is a Netball Australia programme that is run in Western Australia by Netball WA.  It is for athletes turning 14,15 or 16 as of the 31st December 2014, and is part of the Netball Australia pathway.


This programme is for talented athletes that have come through the Associations Development programmes, and it is where athletes get TID’ed for State Teams, as well as being the pathway into the West Coast Warriors Smarter than Smoking State League Netball team.


We have now been able to confirm dates and venues.   Please find attached our application form and trial and training dates.


2014 Academy Trial Form final