Expression of Interest – Position Regional Umpire Development Officer (RUDO) 2018

The West Coast Netball Region is calling for expressions of interest in the role of Regional Umpire Development Officer  (RUDO).


The primary role of the RUDO is to facilitate the development of umpires within the Region through the Academy program, liaise with Netball WA, and TID umpires from within the Associations.  They need to work with the AUDOs from both Associations, and encourage umpires to follow the netball pathway.


Duty Statement is available upon request from the WCNR office.



Please contact Tricia Anderson on



EOI to be received by Thursday 30th November , 2017.


Nominations for Life Member

Nominations for Life Membership of the West Coast Netball Region are currently open.


The criteria for the Life Membership is as follows:


Any Regional Member Association or Regional Management Committee member may submit a written nomination to the Management Committee for consideration for the Life Membership Award, provided that such nominee shall have completed ten (10) years of outstanding service to netball that has benefitted the West Coast Netball Region. 


Please download the attached nomination form, once completed email to


2017 Life Membership Nomination



Nominations close on Thursday 23rd November, 2017


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the office via email.

Nominations for WCNR Committee

The West Coast Netball Region will hold their Annual General Meeting on 11th December, 2017.   Nominations for Committee members are now being called for.



If you, or someone you know would be interested in joining the Committee, please fill out the attached form and send back to the West Coast Netball Region email address by 3pm on the Thursday 23rd November, 2017.



If you or anyone else need any more information, or would like to chat to someone about it, please email or call the WCNR with your phone number/email address, and Trish Robinson, the current President of the WCNR will be in touch with you.


2017 AGM Nomination Form for Committee Positions


Office:   08 9409 9705

2017 Jill McIntosh Award Dinner


The Jill McIntosh Awards Dinner was held at Fraser’s Restaurant  in Kings Park on Friday 20th October.


We would like to congratulate the West Coast Warriors for a wonderful year and the awards won on the night.









 Coach of the Year –  Karly Guadagnin 

Karly was not present on the night –  Jess Eales, Club Captain accepted the award on Karly’s behalf











 Volunteer of the Year –  Brenda Eales 


2017 Umpire Achievement Award – Christine Johnston



Jill McIntosh Award Winner –    Andrea Gilmore 







Equal Best and Fairest for Reserves –  Jasmine Cousins


Team of the Year –  Congratulations to Jess Eales, Andrea Gilmore and Denise Shepley


Photos of the Night 




2018 West Coast Warriors Coach/Manager Applications


2018 Coach Applications

The West Coast Netball Region is seeking enthusiastic, experienced and committed Netball Coaching staff for our 2018 season for the West Coast Warriors League, Reserves and 18 & Under teams.


The West Coast Warriors are the current WANL League Premiers (back to back) and we are keen to build on the solid foundations that have been developed over the last few years. If you feel that you have the necessary skills and experience to join our club then we would love to hear from you. Due to the proposed changes to the WANL competition in 2019, all positions are offered for one year only.



The positions vacant are:






Reserves 18 & Under WIT (Warriors in Training
Asst Coach


Lead Coach Lead Coach Lead Coach
App Coach


Asst Coach Asst Coach Asst Coach


App Coach App Coach  

Please download the application form        Warriors 2018 Application Form

Duty Statements are available by contacting the Region office on 9409 9705 or emailing



Applications for the above positions close Thursday 9th November 2017.







State Schoolgirls 12U Team announced

We would like to congratulate the following athletes from the West Coast Netball Region for their announcement into the State Schoolgirls team.


Shae Fitzgerald

Lily Gilsenan

Paige Hancy

Sofaia Talemaira

Robyn Windeatt

Megan Stephens


We wish you all the best

Fever In Time Athlete Annoucements 17U and 19U

We would like to  congratulates the following athletes on their selection in the 2017 Fever in Time State Academy Program from the West Coast Netball Region.




Zoey Coates

Chelsea Cook

Amy Donaldson

Elizabeth Dronfield

Meg Gibson

Bianca Grickage

Chloe Harrison

Emily Hathaway

Georgia Morgan

Charley Rafferty

Sydney Rafferty

Olivia Richardson

Toni-Marie Smith

Ella Tudor-Roberts





Katherine Bennett

Olivia Fowler

Lauren Holder

Kristy Horner

Jacinta Ramirez-Smith

Lauren Ramirez-Smith

Roberta Ramirez-smith

Ellie Sanzone

Hana Stokes




DADRA and Cadet Cup Results

On the 7th and 8th October the DADRA and Cadet Cup was played at the State Netball Centre.   We would like to congratulate all the players, coaches, managers and umpires that played and helped out over the weekend.


We have like to also congratulate Cadet 14U – Division 2 for winning their Grand Final.


Academy Cup   Division  1 


  1. Coastals    16
  2. South West 16
  3. West Coast  16
  4. Darling Rangers  12
  5. Perth Lions  10
  6. South East Demons  8
  7. Aboriginal All Stars  4
  8. Goldfields EGNA  3
  9. Midwest Gascoyne 2
  10. Wheatbelt  0



Academy Cup  Division 2 


  1. Coastals   16
  2. Goldfields NR Esperance NA  16
  3. West Coast    14
  4. South West   12
  5. Great Southern  10
  6. Darling Rang   6
  7. Perth Lions  6
  8. North West  5
  9. Midwest Gascoyne  3
  10. South East Demons  2


Cadet Cup   –  16U 


  1. Darling Range    12
  2. Perth Lions         12
  3. West Coast         10
  4. South East Demons   6
  5. Great Southern    0
  6. Wheatbelt   0


Cadet Cup    –  14U  Division 1 


  1. Darling Ranges   14
  2. Coastals                10
  3. Perth Lions         10
  4. West Coast          4
  5. South East Demons   4
  6. South West        0


Cadet Cup  –  14U Division 2


  1. West Coast           14
  2. Darling Range     10
  3. North West           8
  4. South East Demons 8
  5. Aboriginal All Stars   0
  6. Wheatbelt               0



Cadet Cup   –  13U Division 1 


  1. Coastals      14
  2. West Coast   10
  3. South East Demons  10
  4. Darling Range   8
  5. South West    8
  6. Great Southern  4
  7. Perth Lions 2
  8. Goldfields EGNA  0


Cadet Cup   –  13U Division 2


  1. Darling Range    14
  2. Coastal                 12
  3. West Coast          10
  4. Perth Lions         8
  5. Midwest Gascoyne  6
  6. South East Demons 4
  7. Goldfields ENA   2
  8. Wheatbelt    0


Cadet Cup   –  12U Division 1 

  1. Coastals    13
  2. Darling Range  13
  3. South East Demons  9
  4. West Coast  8
  5. Perth Lions 7
  6. South West  4
  7. Midwest Gascoyne  2
  8. Wheatbelt    0



Cadet Cup  –  12U Division 2 


  1. Coastals     14
  2. Great Southern   12
  3. Darling Range  10
  4. West Coast   6
  5. South East Demons   6
  6. Perth Lions   6
  7. North West   2
  8. Wheatbelt   0




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Inauguaral West Coast Fever Academy Squad Members Named

West Coast Fever is pleased to announce the nine athletes who have been named in the inaugural West Coast Fever Academy, as well as being awarded West Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) Scholarships.




We would like to congratulate Helen Taylor from the West Coast Warriors for being announced in the squad.

2017 West Coast Regional Dinner



The West Coast Netball Region held their annual Awards Dinner on Friday 15th September at the Currambine Bar and Bistro. The night was an opportunity to acknowledge all the achievements reached by athletes, coaches, umpires and teams throughout the year.

We would like to congratulate the following award winners:



Lynne Wishart Award  Mark McCoach

Umpire of the Year   Jessica Gillibrand




Coaching Staff

Coach Recognition  Karly Guadagnin




Milestone Certificates

50 Games  Chelsea Broom

50 Games Brooke Walker

100 Games   Andrea Gilmore

150 Games     Jessica Eales

150 Games     Lenore Smith

250 Games     Lisa Milllman


50 Games coaching Jenni Vile





Warriors In Training

Inaugural Award           Olivia Sheehy





18 and Under Awards


Coaches Award     Georgia Morgan

Fairest & Best Runner Up Tie      Emily Hathaway and Meg Gibson

Fairest & Best             Kellie Baker




Reserves Awards 

Players Player Award  Bryanna Bartel

Fairest & Best Runner Up      Stephanie Cooper

Fairest & Best                 Chelsea Broom




Leagues Awards



Players Player Award      Helen Taylor

Jenny Peel Medal Runner Up  Lisa Millman

Jenny Peel Medal Winner  Helen Taylor




The Heart of the Warrior   Erin Fenney

Sign of Excellence   Lauren Bridges



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